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The plot thickens...

2009-06-30 21:47:07 by INoisy

Been workin' on a lot of different stuff lately - mostly stuff involving the new VSTs I've gotten, which are orchestral and ethnic type stuff. Not so much techno lately, but I've been listening to a lot, so I'm sure I'll do a techno piece sooner or later.

Right now work is underway on a weird middle-eastern sounding, bass-oriented thing I call the Sweet Persian Ninja Music. It's a collaboration between my partner in crime and I, and it's turning out pretty epic so far.

Will this new "Ninja Music" show up on NG? Will Noisy's lack of experience with middle-eastern music result in an Arabian epic lose, or will the piece turn out to be a sick first step in a new musical direction? Can Godzilla muster the strength to defeat King Ghidorah? Tune in next time to find out!


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