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Still alive and kickin

2009-10-22 19:10:56 by INoisy

Hey hey, just wanted to drop in and let my huge fanbase (ha, funny) know that I didn't die, or stop making music, or anything like that. Just been busy with college and life! I do have a few WIPs that may or may not turn into full songs, but I'm getting to that point I always get to where I need to make new music, so it's coming, I promise. (:

I do check the site mostly every day, so if you ever wanna know something about my music, or collaborating, or just whatever, hit me up, I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, I'll leave ya with a short little thing, it was an early, demo version of a theme I was asked to write for one of my friends. Check it here: /282641

Peace, NG. (:


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2009-10-22 20:34:11

Your Music is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
How is College??????

INoisy responds:

Hahaha, thank you, much appreciated! ;D

It's good so far, way, way, way better than high school was. Still pretty hectic, but I'm diggin' it, for sure.

What's up? (: