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&amp;lt;Instigate the Masses&amp;gt;&amp;lt;D9&amp;gt; <Instigate the Masses><D9>

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Diggin' it.

I like this, you've definitely got skill and you know your way around whatever program you're using. ;D I wish I had that knack for blending instruments so they complement each other: yours do very well. (:

I really dig when the whole thing starts going at about 2:33, it's got a pretty sweet vibe to it. However, what I didn't like was that huge, tension-filled, frenetic build up - that took half the song, and then left me hanging after only a minute of rockin' the beat. I think what I didn't like about this song was that its proportions were off; INSANE build, and then a relatively tame, short section of real stuff.

You might also give it a little more atmosphere after the build, maybe another instrument or two to flesh it out a little. Just a suggestion to maybe play around with! Nice work on the whole. (:


DJD9 responds:

Hey thanks for the review, some really good insights there! I'll definitely keep them in mind for my next song. :D

xKore - Dubbed to Death xKore - Dubbed to Death

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My God.

What a sick fuckin' bass.

Goddamn. What'd you make this in? I <3 it. ;D

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xKore responds:

FL Studio bwoy

{dj-N} Buddy {dj-N} Buddy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuck 'em, man.

If they try and bring you down, forget about it. Your music's about YOU, not them.

Another excellent song, by the way. I can feel the emotion behind it, and I've been going through a lot of trouble recently too, this resonates with me.

Keep makin' music, brotha. It's an inspiration. (:

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Search your grave(1st Dra Search your grave(1st Dra

Rated 5 / 5 stars


So, I don't think this should become a fast, brutal metal piece, but if you don't finish it the world might end as we know it. I dig the melody, it sounds like it could become a semi-long instrumental metal song, in the vein of Metallica's "Orion" or The Sword's "The White Sea."

I didn't really think of it so much as an intro to song as I did like the beginning developments of a theme, I'd definitely like to hear how that would turn out. Excellent work. I'd give it an eight because it's so unfinished, but that's nobody's fault, it's just not done yet. So a 10/10 and 5/5 for what you've got right now. (:

jaysummers759885 responds:

WOW thanks for the vote of confidence friend, and you make a grave point.

*No pun intended*

It seems that I am vexed as to whether to make this MORE mysterious, or turn it into to something really brutal.

Mayhaps, I will do both....... that worries me because in my mind if I get TOO crazy and brutal it might ruin it.....either way, I MUST figure out how to organize my production, then I SHALL BE FREE!!

OH and GREAT call on the Metallica influence. They have had their hands in my influence.... I know that sounds perverted, but just bare with me...... They have inspired me from ALL the way BACK in the day from Green Hell, and Garage Days with Cliff Burton.....


Although... Kirk Hammet does seem kind of ..... feminine.... he is one of my favorite guitarists, along with Randy Rhodes, and a bunch of others you have ALREADY heard of I am sure.... I won't take up too much of your time, after all... YOU ARE THE ONE REVIEWING ME!!!....

Why must I always want the attention?... I am such an ass.... ROFL

I have never heard of the Sword's though, I will have to check them out,

Thanks for the review!


Windows Wars Windows Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man.

Nice, nice work, dude. It's still crazy to me that you made this out of Windows sounds. It NEVER gets boring, not even close, and to the contrary, it's got such an interesting, quirky vibe it merits at least a few listens to just take everything in. Excellent job, man.

One of my few complaints is that sometimes, because it's SO varied, you get a little lost in the song, but it's got such a cool vibe it hardly matters. You've got such an interesting thing going on here, it's like... I dunno. I've never heard stuff this weird and cool.

At 2:05, the bassline is so cool. Like, so cool. It made me smile right away. In spite of all the quirky, off-the-wall cool leads, the basslines are my favorite parts of the song.

The section starting at about 1:06 kinda threw me off a little, it's a little scattered and dissonant, if I were to change anything I'd probably make this section a little less hectic.

That's another thing, the energy. Man, this song has energy. So cool. Boss job, man, 5/5 and 10/10, keep up the great work! ;D

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Step responds:

This must be the best review I've had, thanks XD. I know, my main problem is variety, I hate repetition, and in all this song has like 70 different patterns, so I see what you mean by getting lost in the song. I'm glad you liked the basslines, I'm a noob at bass so I didn't know they'd come out that good :D. I'm still a noob though, it took me like 10 minutes just to think of the bassline at 2:49 :P. Yeah, the part at 1:06 is crazy since I did 3 other XP songs out of XP sounds, and I'm used to making them sound so crazy =P. Thanks again for the awesome review, you've given me tonnes of inspiration to make even another windows song O_o.

My Savior (Dance Remix) My Savior (Dance Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work, dude.

This is really upbeat and cheery, I'm diggin' it. (: It just seems like a happy song to listen to when you're chillin, like a "good mood song." All the synths sound great; the whole song has a pretty smooth quality to it.

I like that it's long, it gives the song time to develop, and it doesn't end up seeming too repetitive, although some more variation could be introduced, and it definitely wouldn't hurt. (:

It doesn't seem like a song you'd dance to, or get up and move to, more of a song for when you're just relaxing. That said, it's a nice piece of work, dude. 5/5 and 9/10, just because some parts get sliiiightly old. I downloaded it, too. ;D

DJ-Chilvan responds:

haha thanx man! Your feedback has made my day cuz I really sweat on this song. It is very uplifting, even the lyrics for the original 'My Savior' is uplifting. I was thinking of more variation too but I was afraid that it would add too much to the song and make it all confusing and the nuances unclear, which it probably would have.
I did really try on the harmonies of the synths. That was what made this song so chill IMO.
Thanx for the review!

Tzu - Crimson Sunset (P1) Tzu - Crimson Sunset (P1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're right, really good melodies (:

This is great, man, really peaceful and relaxing, but also sorta uplifting. Great job here. (: The ambience sets the mood, but the melodies give it substance; it's a good combination you've got going here.

One thing that I thought might be a little better is around the 3:00 mark when it stops and starts again, it was a little sudden - maybe consider fading it back in with some pads, or something. Your call, though, nice job either way. (:

10/10, 5/5.

Wouldja mind rating and reviewing my latest piece? It'd be much appreciated. (: n/266728

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Tzunami responds:

Thanks for the review.

The point you stated, in story form, would be when you realize that it all just ended and you really have gone back home. The memories after that fact kick in and you start to relax and enjoy the trip.

Ai, ai (I walk a bit higher) Ai, ai (I walk a bit higher)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn, that's interesting.

Which is normally a word reserved for like... things that aren't, but this is really an engaging song, it's interesting to listen to. It's got soul, attitude, and this weird kind of low-key vibe going on that I can't quite put my finger on, and it's damn good.

Excellent work, dude. I'd like to know what the inspiration for the song was, but then again, I wouldn't, 'cause that's part of the magic. (: One of the best things I've heard on NG.

5/5 and 10/10, obviously. This really struck a chord with me. ;D

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Pax Postea (NG) Pax Postea (NG)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very peaceful.

This song's very peaceful, and soothing. When the piano comes in is where the "hint of loss" is, I think. I like it, definitely a good job.

It's also very repetitive, and takes a long time to evolve/build, which makes it seem all the more so. Perhaps flesh it out more, try a few new sections based around different progressions, give it a little more life. A very good job on the whole, though, nice work. (:


Zero bombers, man. Ruin everybody's fun. ;P

zephyrtronium responds:

I wanted to expand on it more, but it sounded so close to perfection that I was afraid I'd ruin it. Intimidated by my own song... Anyways, thanks for listening.

[RM] - EnTranced Space WIP [RM] - EnTranced Space WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice, dude.

That was pretty excellent, man. I like how the main melody develops itself, it kinda eases into the song until it's front and center, it's a good transition. It feels like it ends right when it's getting started though, definitely can't wait till it's done!

Wouldja mind reviewing/rating my latest? It'd be much appreciated. (: n/266728

Randomizor responds:

Thanks for listening! =D

Ill go check it out.