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2009-12-05 15:27:07 by INoisy


Hey hey, I'll be moving accounts and uploading stuff on my new one after this, so if you're interested in hearing more stuff, check over there!

I got tired of the "I" in my username. ;P Plus, I figured now that I'm at least slightly better... might as well make a new one. (:

Take it easy!

Hot diggity.

2009-11-30 14:14:57 by INoisy

You have no idea. Listen to this on some good speakers, you'll love me forever.

Nasty as HELL. Wait for the drop.

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Put giraffes in the air. ;D

2009-11-29 04:24:48 by INoisy

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Still alive and kickin

2009-10-22 19:10:56 by INoisy

Hey hey, just wanted to drop in and let my huge fanbase (ha, funny) know that I didn't die, or stop making music, or anything like that. Just been busy with college and life! I do have a few WIPs that may or may not turn into full songs, but I'm getting to that point I always get to where I need to make new music, so it's coming, I promise. (:

I do check the site mostly every day, so if you ever wanna know something about my music, or collaborating, or just whatever, hit me up, I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, I'll leave ya with a short little thing, it was an early, demo version of a theme I was asked to write for one of my friends. Check it here: /282641

Peace, NG. (:

Future projects? Wat?

2009-09-11 22:58:00 by INoisy

Hey hey, whaddya know?

So, just wanted to stop by, let everybody know what's going on over here.

Haven't uploaded any new stuff in a while, but I've actually been working on a few different projects:

Drum n Bass Song (Tentative title ;P): This is a little bit in the works, I've got a pretty sweet intro set, just gotta make a good reese before I get on with things. 10% done, maybe 5%.

Trance Song (Title also in the works. Go figure. ;P): I'm hoping this will turn out to be a pretty long song - long enough to develop some wicked ideas. I've never done any trance before, so we'll see how this goes. 8D

The Whale (Ambient Song): This is the only song I haven't started work on in the sequencer, just been putting it together in my head so far. I've been pretty much compulsively needing to write some ambient stuff recently, so this'll probably be finished first. (:

So that's what's going on around here - be on the lookout for this stuff, sometime in the relatively near future. ;D Keep rockin, NG.


Future projects? Wat?


2009-08-23 04:24:06 by INoisy


Check out the audio. Maybe it's just 'cause I watch Arby 'n' The Chief, but I thought that was freakin' funny.


mai noo song

2009-08-07 02:47:37 by INoisy

Check it out, new song. S'called Remember Your Empire. wut wut.


NoisyMotor Gets a Soundclick

2009-07-19 14:21:19 by INoisy

So, in the interest of expanding our audience, my partner in crime Mozer and I have gone and gotten a Soundclick to strut our stuff and hopefully widen the listener-base.

Go on over, check it out, tell your friends about it, you know the drill. It's got exactly the same songs as this account, minus The Kirby Music, so I'm not sure why you would...


Note to self: In the future, promote song exclusivity across different accounts, so that people actually have a reason to go to them.

The plot thickens...

2009-06-30 21:47:07 by INoisy

Been workin' on a lot of different stuff lately - mostly stuff involving the new VSTs I've gotten, which are orchestral and ethnic type stuff. Not so much techno lately, but I've been listening to a lot, so I'm sure I'll do a techno piece sooner or later.

Right now work is underway on a weird middle-eastern sounding, bass-oriented thing I call the Sweet Persian Ninja Music. It's a collaboration between my partner in crime and I, and it's turning out pretty epic so far.

Will this new "Ninja Music" show up on NG? Will Noisy's lack of experience with middle-eastern music result in an Arabian epic lose, or will the piece turn out to be a sick first step in a new musical direction? Can Godzilla muster the strength to defeat King Ghidorah? Tune in next time to find out!

Approval! Oh joy!

2009-06-07 00:28:41 by INoisy

Gotten my initial submissions approved by the NG audio mods, so now I'm good to rock. And roll. Aw yeah. ;D

In other news, I put up a newer and slightly-different version of Can't Stop Living, and now it's less repetitive! Whoop whoop! Still trying to decide if those leads are too bright, but eh.